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Faro, Portugal (1055.4 km)
Get saved for eternity - experience God
Discovery bible study ressources online for groups to discover themselves at home or whereever wished. Help via Jitsi-Meet.
Highland, United Kingdom (729.1 km)
I am a fully qualified and experienced librarian and teacher of English. I am not offering teaching, but proofreading.
Antwerp, Belgium (307.3 km)
Translation English to Dutch, Dutch to English
Let's keep this offer outside of the tech speak realm. I am mainly a literary translator. Let's also be reasonable with the volume of work. Short short story, subtitles to online video, etc. However good your novel is, I would rather not. Dutch is my native language. My level of English is considered Native Speaker. I have translated professionally in the theatre world, as an activist and in the spirit of the gift online.
Jylland, Denmark (832.3 km)
Coffee/Tea, Friendly Chat, Tour :)
You're welcome to come and visit Petersholm where I volunteer. You can have a little something to drink and a snack; a friendly chat about the world, sharing-economies/resource-based economies/open-source economies, or anything else; a tour of Petersholm smallscale permaculture and alternative projects farm and B&B, driven by Andrea Moreno and international volunteers. Hope to see you, come happy. :) I speak English, Danish and a little German. Other volunteers at Petersholm speak Spanish and other languages. Vi taler dansk!
Pardubický kraj, Czech Republic (1116.5 km)
překlady mezi češtinou, angličtinou a esperantem
Při překládání se vždycky snažím, aby výsledek zněl přirozeně, tj. aby z něj "nestříkaly" prvky typické pro zdrojový jazyk. Dávám přednost kratším a/nebo zajímavějším textům (moje zájmy najdeš v mém profilu). Příklady dokončených překladů:, Mám radši překlady do češtiny, protože tu znám o nějaký ten pátek déle. :-)
Lincolnshire, United Kingdom (192.6 km)
Computer support and Windows to Linux installations
I can offer advice to english speaking people on how to fix your computer operating system or hardware issues. I can do operating system reinstalls or windows replacements with linux if required. I am mostly knowledgeable fixing software issues more so than hardware in Windows and Ubuntu based Linux operating systems but you can still respond to this listing and i will give your computer issues my best shot in helping fix them. If your struggling i can make the journey to those in Skegness area to see if i can fix the issue for you.
Frankreich, France (673.0 km)
PDF crochet tutorial (amigurumi)
So far three different crochet tutorials of my own, hoping to add more in the future. Some in English, French and German. Link to the folder from where the tutorials can be selected and downloaded :
Southern Karelia, Finland (2059.5 km)
Having trouble using computers, or weird glitches you'd like to get rid of. I am available to help. we can do this either in Finnish or in English
California, United States (8762.8 km)
[REQUEST] english literature
I am looking for some contemporary prose that is rich in simile for that speaks deeply to my heart. Think U2's "Bullit to Blue Sky," but on paper.
Kanagawa, Japan (9585.3 km)
[REQUEST] Language exchange (German)
I have always been interested in learning German, if you are interested in learning Spanish, English or conversational Japanese, please reach out.
Kanagawa, Japan (9585.3 km)
Pet sitting, language exchange (English, Japanese or Spanish), friendship.
I love animals and my hobby is learning languages, so let me know if you need someone to look after your pet or are interested in learning any of the above languages. Also, Japan can be a very solitary place sometimes, if you need someone to talk or hang out, reach me. I also do Reiki if you are interested in spirituality.
Piemonte, Italy (902.0 km)
[REQUEST] Social media, webmaster, graphics, editor, writers is an online project featuring volunteering opportunities around the world for free. I am looking for different professional (or non-professional) figures to help me support this project and all the NGOs that are affiliated on it. Social media writers, influencers, graphic designers, wordpress expert, marketing experts, fundraisers, editor, proofreaders and travel writers are very welcome to participate! Thanks for reading this message and I hope to hear from you soon. [email protected]
Tasmania, Australia (17287.0 km)
English language proof-reading & copy-editing
Make your writing cleaner and clearer! I have experience in different styles of English and different fields. No more than 10 pages per request, please.
Jihocesky kraj, Czech Republic (1063.3 km)
Do you need some help to learn PC/Internet? or to set up you home-/small-office network? deutsch, english, cesky
Cerknica, Slovenia (1224.1 km)
Dvd - Doctor*Ology
Humorističen dokumentarec/Comedic documentary Nevrologija/Neurology Hematologija/Hematology Jezik/language: english Podnapisi/subs: slo, hr
Frankreich, France (673.0 km)
I offer free translations in german, englisch and french. Written only, no interpreting. I only work from home over the internet with pdf files.
Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil (10564.5 km)
[REQUEST] Conversação em Inglês (Intermediário)
Procuro alguém para conversar em inglês (live or via Skype) I'm looking for someone to talk and practice english (live or via Skype)
Mwanza Region, Tanzania, United Republic of (6759.3 km)
Text Editing and Translations of English or German documents
Several years experience with Text Editing and Translations. Mostly acadmic, but also creative writing and business communication.
Ohio, United States (6127.1 km)
Proofreading, Editing
I have a certificate in Written English and would gladly help people with proofreading and/or editing of documents.
Pohjois-Karjala, Finland (2161.3 km)
Tutoring in biology and chemistry, up to university freshman level, both Finnish and English