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Antwerp, Belgium (312.2 km)
Fantasy Map drawing
I'm taking my first stepts into the drawing of fantasy maps. I draw them by hand and scan them to send them digitally. See the picture for something I'm working on.
Missouri, United States (6776.7 km)
Grab a copy of this EP that I put together back in 2014 and 2015.
NSW, Australia (16555.8 km)
An Amazon gift voucher for Sonya Deanna Terry's award-winning novel.
EPIPHANY --The complete award-winning series--by Sonya Deanna Terry. Available to anyone registered with One of 10 free/gifted Amazon eBooks ($9.99 value) (two-books-in-one) sent via email--- ...A whimsical tale about money and its unknown otherworldly origins... History, mystery, contemporary romance and magic. Includes: THE GOLDING A story within a story... and THE SILVERING A return to the Currency of Kindness. To discover more about Epiphany, see details here: HOW TO ACCESS THE GIFT Amazon's new policy requires all gift recipients to be registered with their U.S.A. site (e.g. rather than in Australia) To access the gift, please reply to this message and include the email address you use for your account. will then email your gifted eBook edition of EPIPHANY. ******************