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5,917km (3,698m)
Pine cone delycacy — Pine cone delycacy 60g or 380g. From Lithuania forest, picked with love by hands. Home made. Give before take. You need to give items before you want to take. I will refuse to give if your your giving listing is empty or you not had given anything. I love free products streams.Let's create trade-free products and share. Delivery in uk £6 worldwide 20£(under 2kg)
723km (452m)
Locate Free Housing for the Homeless! — Free Download eBook Guide for the Homeless. Locate Free places to sleep and food. Also, learn how to locate free long term housing and work.
946km (591m)
Help growing food! Seeds, advice, tomato plants... — I'm offering my help as a grower! I've loved plants all my life and I grew up in the garden alongside my mom, where she grew most of the produce we ate. I believe nature is fantastically abundant, and there is no good reason for there not to be plenty of free healthy food for everyone. We just moved in but we will be starting a large Community Garden here. :) In the meantime, I'm offering growing advice, seeds, tomato plants, and even vermiculture advice/worms for starting a compost!
3,787km (2,367m)
Organic chia seeds — I have about 9 lbs available. Take as much as you want.
2,651km (1,656m)
REQUEST: Raw Sugar Packets - Whole Wheat/Multigrain Flour - Chia / Oats / Quinoa — Would you give up the sugar in your coffee today? That little packet of brown sugar? Some Chia seeds? Quinoa? Would you consider donating a single bag of flour? That whole-grain bag? Why? Instead of asking for money, we realized (our group Attarum) that it is worth a lot to have these items...Why? Because all civilization is based on agriculture and food. What we take for granted in the civilized world is scarce in the developing world (so expensive it's out of reach.) To learn more about Attarum Humanitarian Ideas that are in need of support: Check here...
5,889km (3,681m)
Knowledge of how to use Share Points on Sharebay - Blog — Share Points on Sharebay are useful for helping site viewers and members understand where an item or service is located and what it is about. All Share Points display on the Sharebay map and you can filter the map to show just Share Points by unticking all options on the map and ticking 'Share Points'. For example you can use them for providing - - Knowledge of where an item is dropped off to (such as a charity shop or library) - Knowledge of free item or service locations and name of the item or service that anyone you see on your travels is offering (such as items left outside of houses or businesses, free food available at shopping places, and plants growing free to pick food) Listings placed under the Share Points category are also non-transactable listings, but restricting the listing to a higher trust level requirement still restricts who can respond privately to the listing.
15,724km (9,827m)
oranges, grapefruit, mandarins — Organic fruit, needs not be wasted
3,786km (2,366m)
Potluck dish — Something simple most likely :) but good.
6,669km (4,168m)
REQUEST: Land für Renaturierung — 1) Water management 2) Pioneer Plants and Trees 3) Succession Planting 4) Biodiverse Food forests and parks
3,787km (2,367m)
Parsley (dried, culinary) — Organic, from Mountain Rose Herbs. We have a lot more than we will use and would love to share! Have about 2 cups to offer.
15,209km (9,505m)
Malabar Spinach seeds / cuttings — Easy to grow abundance of this spinach organically. Most productive and pest resistant green leafy vegetable.
9,203km (5,752m)
Teaching of Food Preparation — I teach how to make make Crispy, crunch, tasty healthy Plantain, Potatoes, Cassava Chips. As well as how to make African Dishes.
5,889km (3,681m)
Healing from health issues, weight loss, disease prevention with Blood Type Diet — I go here to check which foods could bring health or could be potentially bad for me: I have not had a blood typing test to find out my blood type but through keeping a food diary and with trial and error, i believe i've had some success with this diet removing problematic lectins (problem foods) for blood type O+ alongside going organic. Lost about 4 inches from the waist line dropping from UK jeans waist size 34 to 30, and managed to get rid of a mysterious skin rash i've had off and on on my back bugging me for about two years. I didn’t have the major rash return for about six months and only seems to if i’m not strict with avoiding problem foods/chemicals. So this diet seems to be helpful, but after this time i am currently experimenting to see which UK brands of non-organic O+ blood type neutral and beneficial foods cause no reaction to me. Something i’m doing as i’ve been on an organic diet too for such a long time as i am testing for pesticide reactions also. Still suffering from some symptoms such as intermittent mood highs and lows with increased sensitivity to stress. This is possibly the withdrawals i'm getting from the detox and as my body heals and attempts to come back into a healthy balance, but i hope the free information provided here at the link helps you in anyway too. I suspect i could be O+ in part since my mother is also O+ blood type. And most people apparently have this blood group. If you find me sharing this information here about the blood type diet has helped you too in anyway, i would like to hear from you. Link to testimonials for people that found success on the blood type diet:
15,209km (9,505m)
REQUEST: Training in how to set up a website — I have a paid wix website yet am having trouble navigating the site and am looking for someone assist me
3,789km (2,368m)
REQUEST: Tomatoes for canning — Need more tomatoes for canning. Prefer meaty ones with lots of pulp for making pasta sauce
3,207km (2,004m)
REQUEST: Semillas sin tratamiento para germinación — Hola, estamos buscando semillas para brotes de: Pepino Melón Sandia Papaya Amaranto Chicharro Soya Alfalfa
3,787km (2,367m)
kale — Kale
3,671km (2,294m)
Help for a vegan diet — Will be happy to give support and share info and resources for anyone new to or investigating a vegan diet.
3,786km (2,366m)
Potluck Dish — I will be making a delicious dish to share at our potluck!
15,158km (9,474m)
REQUEST: buckets or tubs to soak clay in — we will be hosting a community musical mud stomp and need to store clay in buckets in water. Those white buckets with lids would be ideal, but any buckets are good.


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