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12,395km (7,747m)
Come and build your dream home — We own a 100 acre organic farm in the mountains of New Zealand. We have space and opportunities for like-minded people to build/drive/land their own homes here.
7,589km (4,743m)
Fruit trees located here [No-Reply Listing] — Trees growing free fruit off of briar way and kennedy ave in Skegness is located here. (Check map)
7,207km (4,504m)
Bridgetown Little Free Library — Local sharing point or library in my area..
1,516km (947m)
Misc local items for free..... — I am a Free Spirited Gypsy - hence, it is not practical for me to list things as I am often changing locations. I will do my best to give a general update of locations to connect with appropriate parties. Often, where I am, people are giving away (or trashing) lots of useful stuff. If you want to touch base with me and you are closeby, you can let me know and I will share info on the goods as they come up.
7,509km (4,693m)
System Out Of date (Download single) — More free music from me, but this time it's all about the RBE message. Just go here: And enter zero as the price when "buying"
7,638km (4,774m)
Engraver machine — A engraving machine, but realy a shit one, never buy this one. If you need you can borrow. I have a better one if you need. Only for TRADE-FREE person who is sharing his products as trade-free
7,206km (4,503m)
Vegan cooking classes and recipes — I am a happy vegan person. I love cooking, and I only eat vegan and gluten-free food, simple and deliiiicious, and I love it! I can give you some of my vegan gluten-free recipes, or advices about vegan food.
13,392km (8,370m)
Free Worlder Meet-up — Hi guys! Can we do meet-up for Free Worlder Philippines?
7,638km (4,774m)
Olympus tg-6 camera — Olympus tg-6 camera only for trade-free person, empty Listers do not waist my time.
2,255km (1,409m)
REQUEST: Bodywork — No training necessary because we can train you for free. Requires grip strength but you can work up to it if you don't have it. Examples of people with grip strength are animal milkers, tool holders, gardeners, carpenters, rock climbers... Also is good if you have good body awareness but we can train you to have this too. You can also receive time credits through us for free. This type of bodywork is helpful to the immune system, fat metabolism, athletic performance, overall performance.
1,612km (1,007m)
REQUEST: Wanted: Business Partner for Free To Play Technology — We are making a US-based thought assistant and game to launch as a social network in 2020. If you are a special third person to our team looking for inspiration and commitment, you found it. A little bit about us: We are the first company to play white code without a screen or a console. We put it on our fingers and play a you instance in your space. The technology is clean and we have code friends to play with. I am looking for a business advice life partner to market (maybe free or invites too...) a new technology. Based out of Oberlin, Ohio but you work virtually. I am creative at making memes and code constantly but I don't have enough time to do the business aspects like bringing on more people or investors. If you are ready to go "I'm In" with an entrepreneur/revolutionary and a popular girl, we will consider working with you.
1,999km (1,249m)
Meditation and Philosophical Instruction — Every 12 hours I offer a FREE livestream with FREE downloadable class materials. The are held on YouTube check the link to see the time (converted to your own time zone)
7,658km (4,786m)
Free guitar Lessons — Free Guitar Lessons.
14,959km (9,349m)
Drone Pilot — Heya! Need a good drone pilot? If you have the drone but want an experienced, certified pilot, feel free to look me up. Free flying, only costs to get there if it's not local.
7,638km (4,774m)
Ddr4 Ram 64gb trade-free — Brand new ddr4 ram 64 GB 3200mhz. Only for trade-free person. Empty Listers please do no waist my time.
7,207km (4,504m)
Little free library in Wexford — A box of books and other small items near Main St. in Wexford
7,509km (4,693m)
Free Album "20 Greatest Bits (&Bobs)" — My bands latest album is an archive raid of previously unreleased recordings made during the sessions for our other 3 albums.It's also free! Just go here and help yourself. Ideal for fans of The Beach Boys, The Byrds and 60's style pop. Hope you enjoy
7,638km (4,774m)
RGB CPU cooler trade-free — DARKFLASH RGB Universal Intel AMD CPU Liquid Water Cooling 120mm LED DT-120 Ring. Only for trade-free person. Empty Listers do not waist my time.
1,999km (1,249m)
Meditation instruction — Every 12 hours (6am PST, and 6pm PST) I broadcast a FREE livestream on youtube where I teach a lesson, guide meditation, and field questions. Although the livestreams are FREE, donations are always gratefully accepted, but NEVER mandatory
1,346km (841m)
Free recycled Medical Cold Packs — A white Styrofoam cooler, 2 or 3 ice packs and shipping box are included with each Medical Cold Pack. Presently 5 free Medical Cold Packs available for local pickup only.


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