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Antwerpen, Belgium (335.2 km)
Educated in alternative complementary medicine (CAM), I can give advice in healthy lifestyle, nutrition, herbal remedies and therapeutic massages,...
Oregon, United States (8075.7 km)
[REQUEST] Medicinal/culinary herbs
I'll accept pretty much anything, fresh or dried as long as it's been grown using organic practices or ethically wildharvested in places they don't spray. I make medicinal tinctures/oils/salves etc. and I also cook a lot.
Oregon, United States (8075.8 km)
Hawthorn Leaf
Dried. A little old, but still good. Organic. From Mountain Rose Herbs. Good medicine for the heart. I have roughly 4 cups available.
INDIANA, United States (6459.2 km)
Human Design Initial Reading
A Basic Introduction (20 minutes) to your Authentic Self -- who you are designed to be. Heal the Earth by first healing your Self. Who Are You? [The Free Earth Collective]
Bihar, India (7636.5 km)
Excellent Herbal helping and relaxing massage
Excellent Herbal helping and relaxing massage