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Antwerpen, Belgium (335.2 km)
Help with homework
Do you or your child need help with homework for school?
California, United States (8762.8 km)
The Tantric Meditation System of RedTara
The Wednesday series of 16 weekly, live, meditation class webinars begins this week. You could register for FREE at . Do NOT be put off by the mention of donations, for they are completely optional, BUT there are three mandatory things: ONE - be punctual (if you're not early, you're late), TWO - be courteous to your fellow students, and THREE - enthusiastically perform your homework every morning and every evening otherwise you simply will not benefit from attending.
California, United States (8762.8 km)
Meditation and Tao Te Ching classes - via webinar
Would you like to meditate like a Jedi and think like Yoda? Then attend Spring's Wednesday series of 16, weekly, live, interactive webinars. If you're willing to be puctual, and do your homework you're welcome to attend.