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1,052km (657m)
Massage — Hi! I’m a massage practitioner, and I am offering a free thirty minute session.
5,734km (3,583m)
Prana Flow Massage — I offer you a dynamic kind of tantra massage to raise your kundalini energy, here in the hills of Monchique in our community in the pure nature. Please bring massage oil, candles and a lungi. Detailed descriptions you will find here on my website:
6,461km (4,038m)
Fußreflexzonenmassage — a foot massage, somewhere outside if you like
6,524km (4,078m)
Massage and healing — Massage and healing contact me to make an appointment
7,257km (4,535m)
Massage/Masaz — If you have a bed it can be a back massage, if not neck, arms etc. ________________ Jeśli masz stół do masażu mogą być plecy, w innym przypadku masaż karku, rąk itp.
6,211km (3,882m)
massage — massage bien être
12,646km (7,904m)
Excellent Herbal helping and relaxing massage — Excellent Herbal helping and relaxing massage
16,218km (10,136m)
Head, neck & shoulder massage — Seated head, neck & shoulder massage for stress relief
723km (452m)
Tantra Massage & Energy Healing — Namaste'Family, Tantra et Energy healing is changing the way we heal the world. I can do distance healing or in person. I heal people for free... if you wish to barter or gift, that's up to your spirit.
16,218km (10,136m)
REQUEST: Garden help — Someone to help brushcut and roughly weed my bush garden, about an acre.
1,925km (1,203m)
complimentary therapies for pets — Chinese medicine, reiki, chiropractic care for animals, I am not licensed to practice on humans
6,243km (3,902m)
Healthcare — Educated in alternative complementary medicine (CAM), I can give advice in healthy lifestyle, nutrition, herbal remedies and therapeutic massages,...
14,604km (9,128m)
Energy Healing Sessions — As you lay fully clothed on a massage table I guide you into a deep state of relaxation and explore with sound, breath and clairvoyance what will most serve to nurture, support, and assist you in bringing a fuller experience of wholeness/healing for yourself. 60-90 minutes.
3,786km (2,366m)
Essential oil foot rub — 1 hour foot rub with essential oils. Also includes warm foot soak
723km (452m)
REQUEST: Global Free Live-In Helpers — Need Free Live-in Child Care, Senior help, Family assistant, Business helper, Domestic & Cook helper, Teacher and Childcare, Builder & Construction Helper, Healer, Personal Training, etc... Whatever you need, let me know. Full background check provided and requested. References upon request. (The goal is to inspire people to help each other for the common good.) is a trade-free site