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NY, United States (7709.2 km)
Math tutoring
I can help you with Prealgebra, Algebra 1 &2, Geometry, GED, SAT,ACT, Trigonometry via Zoom
Antwerpen, Belgium (335.2 km)
Help with homework
Do you or your child need help with homework for school?
MI, United States (6217.1 km)
Help with algebra or geometry
Can assist via zoom, facetime, or discord if you are far away.
SINGAPORE, Singapore (10829.8 km)
Free Learning Facilitation
I offer tutoring for math, sciences, engineering and general computer skills to elementary persons. (Perhaps secondary and tertiary students, one day) Message me if you have any questions through WA +65 9850 9579. ------------------------ "FREE? Really? How you survive liddat?" Common question, well... I accept all forms of compensation in exchange for this service. But know this, our arrangements are flexible for both of our interests, and if I am unable to cope with the number of requests
Pennsylvania, United States (5709.2 km)
Math or Physics Tutoring
I offer tutoring for math and physics subjects from elementary to University level classes. Message me if you have any questions and I'd be happy to help you! Check out my tutoring website: I offer free tutoring here on Freeworlder, ignore the prices on there.
Massachusetts, United States (5276.9 km)
Philosophy: Explore the Ultimate Purpose
Using current physics and math and a bit of psychology, I offer workshops and small group sessions for all-ages where we explore the simple structure of reality and how it creates everything. This is a fun and possibly life-changing perspective on reality that nearly all will enjoy. I'm willing to bring this workshop nearly anywhere if you help me get transportation and housing!