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Tarragona, Spain (1145.0 km)
Sillo tou
Sillo comode per llegir
Tarragona, Spain (1145.0 km)
Tauleta de vidre amb rodes
En bon estat. Te rodes i dos pisos
Tarragona, Spain (1145.0 km)
Tauleta de café amb rodes
De fusta i metall. Té dos rallades en la superficia.
Tarragona, Spain (1145.0 km)
Cadira de peluqueria. En bona estat. Gira sobre ella mateixa y es tova.
Normandie, France (297.7 km)
I offer to take care of your garden (vegetables and flowers) in exchange of a part of the harvest.
Devon, United Kingdom (282.2 km)
Double bed and headboard.
Double bed, with underbed storage, and headboard (not kingsize). Will go to charity if not picked up first.
Devon, United Kingdom (282.2 km)
Pine effect wardrobe
Pine effect wardrobe. Will go to charity if not picked up first.
Devon, United Kingdom (282.2 km)
Single bed
Single bed with underbed storage and pine headboard! Needs to go, will go to charity shops, when open, if it doesn't go on here first.
Liberecký kraj, Czech Republic (1017.6 km)
[REQUEST] Výpomoc se zahradou
Zdravím. Hledám nové přátele na občasnou výpomoc na zahradě. Na oplátku nabízím spoustu eko ovoce, ale také zapojení do unikátního projektu lokální bezpeněžní ekonomiky Copiosis. Již jsem toho pro Planetu mnoho vykonal, ale v okolí bohužel nikoho podobného neznám.
East Sussex, United Kingdom (69.1 km)
Help in the garden, planting, weeding, watering looking after plants etc.
Wisconsin, United States (6410.2 km)
Package of Pink Celery seeds
These Pink Celery seeds are organic, heirloom and open pollinated. They were grown in S.W. Wisconsin on my farm. Celery is a biennial that can be grown in the ground or in containers. The seeds are tiny and should be started indoors. Transplant once the plants have true leaves. Set outside once threat of frost has passed. Can be grown in sun, partial shade or shade, or indoors in front of sunny windows. Each package has 25 seeds.
Antwerpen, Belgium (335.2 km)
Fresh vegetable, herbs and small fruit
We have a garden with delicious vegetable, herbs and small fruit.
Ozarks, United States (6975.5 km)
Land Stewardships
We are offering lifetime leases for those who wish to join a village in the Ozarks region with a plan to transition away from a dependence on currencies. Together we can accomplish a great deal of progress with the 20 year plan for all of the participants involved. There are multitudes of opportunities for agorism, skills and trades, production of Bio-Char, foods and goods like pottery, baskets, leather goods, mushrooms and more. We have interest in developing overunity devices to produce energy with the idea our food and power becae freely available for all active contributors within this ‘Ubuntu’ styled Village. This is an effort designed to positively impact the entire Ozarks region. It is not an exclusive endeavor and will require branching out and working with multitudes from surrounding towns and villages. No one will pay your way for you. You are responsible for your own incurred costs. This offer is for one free lifetime lease located on a large property (currently in disre
South Australia , Australia (16525.4 km)
native gardening advice
I can offer information on growing an Australian Native Edible garden, Australian Native Foods are classified as supper foods and will feed the native fauna & benefit the Australian environment :)
Queensland, Australia (16503.7 km)
[REQUEST] Help pulling weeds
Hi! I'm not the healthiest person. Bad back etc. My garden area gets full of weeds ridiculously fast, and I'd love some help or someone to pull them from the root. I got a start on them before it started getting to me. I can of course supply cold water/tea or coffee, and I don't mind doing a bit of baking if you'd like to sit out for a chat after it's all lovely and tidy.
Antwerpen, Belgium (335.2 km)
permaculture design
Design of your garden or domain following the permaculture principles and your requests in the design
OR, United States (8074.2 km)
[REQUEST] Garden Apprentice to assist Micro Farm
Garden Helpers to learn Organic practices. I am looking for enthusiastic farming student/s to work in 1 to 2 hour increments that want to learn how to farm and create sustainable organic food all year round. The farm owner is recovering from health issues and needs help winterizing/putting down mulch on her small farm near the EUG airport. Please contact me if you would like to learn and assist.
Tasmania, Australia (17306.5 km)
[REQUEST] Garden help
Someone to help brushcut and roughly weed my bush garden, about an acre.
Oregon, United States (8074.9 km)
Permaculture/Ecology site consultation
I can give you suggestions on how to make your property more in line with the local ecosystem while meeting your own needs for the site.
Oregon, United States (8073.8 km)
[REQUEST] Strawberry Pruning and transplanting help
Garden helpers needed to help freshen up strawberries on our farm!