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5,563km (3,477m)
Share point — Local sharing point or library in my area..
9,434km (5,896m)
Share point — Local sharing point or library in my area..
5,889km (3,681m)
Odysee - A YouTube alternative [No-Reply Listing] — is a YouTube alternative that also rewards both it's viewers and content creators in LBC, you might be interested in. LBC can be transferred from site member to member to show your support.
5,889km (3,681m)
Athena (Tomb Raider fan film) [No-Reply Listing] — Link to Athena short fan film by Kate Sykes and starring Kate Davies Speak as Lara Croft: If you like the film, like it at the link to show your support.
5,889km (3,681m)
Kait's Kitchen - Cooking videos and recipe's from a YouTube channel [No-Reply Listing] — YouTuber Kaitlin Witcher makes great cooking videos and shares recipe's on her YouTube channel. Link to complete playlist here:
5,474km (3,421m)
Little free book library in Wexford — A box of books and other small items near Main St. in Wexford
5,889km (3,681m)
Old software, media and games downloads [No-Reply Listing] — I get old software like a game disc i need from If you use Windows, you can mount the iso/cue file to a game using alcohol 120% as an alternative to burning it to a disc, or if your computer doesn’t have a disc drive or virtual disc mounting capabilities already included in the operating system:
5,475km (3,421m)
High Quality Free Clipart — I use all the time for high quality, royalty-free, use-anywhere vector graphics. Get started here
2,904km (1,815m)
REQUEST: Words of Wisdom — Dear reader, Do you have any words of wisdom you'd like to share? I'm not looking for anything specific. You can share advice on any topic whatsoever. You can write something to me, you can share a video or an article with doesn't matter. I just want to find more truth to embody as I trek on my journey back to Source. John
5,889km (3,681m)
Healing from health issues, weight loss, disease prevention with Blood Type Diet [No-Reply Listing] — I go here to check which foods could bring health or could be potentially bad for me: I have not had a blood typing test to find out my blood type but through keeping a food diary and with trial and error, i believe i've had some success with this diet removing problematic lectins (problem foods) for blood type O+ alongside going organic. Lost about 4 inches from the waist line dropping from UK jeans waist size 34 to 30, and managed to get rid of a mysterious skin rash i've had off and on on my back bugging me for about two years. I've not had the rash return for about six months so so far so good touch wood, so this diet seems to be helpful. Still suffering from some symptoms such as intermittent mood highs and lows with increased sensitivity to stress. This is possibly the withdrawals i'm getting from the detox and as my body heals and attempts to come back into a healthy balance, but i hope the free information provided here at the link helps you in anyway too. If you find me sharing this information here about the blood type diet has helped you too in anyway, i would like to hear from you. You can send me an honor along with your message over on if so. I look forward to hearing if this diet helped you too any.
3,796km (2,373m)
Electronic Music Composition — I can compose a music piece to accompany any photo you might wish to share, or a video or any form of inspiration you might wish to share.
5,702km (3,563m)
Cinema — I can send you film recommendations and share with you the films so you can watch them. And share some thoughts about them.
11,812km (7,382m)
To know thyself — Express yourself as you are not as you want to n share anything to everything that disturb you or you are afraid to can express totally and freely. i am your MITRA. don't hesitate.I am just one click away from your heart.look into your heart n dive deep with me.yo canalso contact me on+919417217993 or
723km (452m)
Global Free Housing Jobs — Barter 10 to 25 hours weekly for free room et board. FHP has thousands of free places to live. It's time to get off the money economy and barter and share for everything.
5,889km (3,681m)
Shoppers can now recycle all their soft plastic packaging at every large Tesco [No-Reply Listing] — Article for more information:
3,762km (2,351m)
We offer a plan for a money free world — Go to our website, contact us there, and we can share the blueprint for transforming the planet.
307km (192m)
REQUEST: ICO specialists — Looking for people to share their knowledge and experience when it comes to the world of ICOs
249km (156m)
Life advice — Happy to share some of life experience with you..
3,787km (2,367m)
Parsley (dried, culinary) — Organic, from Mountain Rose Herbs. We have a lot more than we will use and would love to share! Have about 2 cups to offer.
5,505km (3,441m)
Life advice — Happy to share some of life experience with you..


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