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6,151km (3,844m)
Tennis opponent/ partner — I will play tennis with anyone who wants to play or needs a partner for doubles.
18,349km (11,468m)
1x Single Kayak ON LOAN — Hi there, I have 1x Single sit-on-top kayak (Viking) which you are welcome to borrow. Each has its seat(s) and paddle(s). I also have some buoyancy vests but would prefer if you use proper life-vest(s) (not provided). You must have your own means of transport like a roof rack or trailer and necessary tie-downs (ratchet straps). Happy to discuss and agree a duration case-by-case. I will appreciate if you return it in the condition you pick it up, all gear rinsed with fresh water so others can enjoy them for years to come. It's not a proper fishing kayak but I use it for kayak-camping-trips so there is some storage capacity. I trust if any damage occurred, you'd let me know and we work it out. I hope and trust you won't mind me taking a photo of your number plate.
1,905km (1,191m)
lezione di equitazione — Sono istruttore federale di equitazione
8,745km (5,465m)
REQUEST: Books — Looking for books in the subjects of Sports, Religion, History, Animals, Military, Business, Education, Computer Science, Investment, this list goes on and on, please contact anytime.
1,407km (879m)
Climbing/Wspinaczka — We are going to climb every other sunny weekend. If you'd like to join us in Jura Krakowsko-Czestochowska please let me know. ------ W soneczne weekendy jeździmy do Jury się wspinać - jeśli chciałbyś/łabyś dołączyć daj znać!
28km (17m)
Compound bow 65lb — Compound bow. Enjoy archery sport. Contact me if you want to join. First bow from the left.
5,735km (3,584m)
Programming — I will program your firestick giving you access to live tv, sports, PPV events, XXX and much more!
28km (17m)
Personal Training — Offering free online personal Training( as well I have my private garage gym, you are welcome!
28km (17m)
Pistol crossbow — Pistol crossbow Hori-zone 80lb 235fps. If you want to enjoy crossbow archery.
28km (17m)
Air pistol — Air pistol. Bullets and co2 would be nice as donation. But I have if you need.
28km (17m)
Crossbow arrows 20 inch — Crossbow arrow 20 inch
28km (17m)
Recurve bow 40lb — Recurve bow right/left hand. Enjoy archery sport. The middle bow from the picture.
8,074km (5,046m)
New Jackets/Windbreaker — I have a nice jean jacket, and a sports windbreaker, either addidas or puma brand I don't remember. Both are brand new, never worn. :) Feminine/Girly cut, Medium Size.
28km (17m)
Silvercrest action camera Loan of professional camera — I have a professional camera you can borrow.. only for trade-free person . Silver crest action csmera
28km (17m)
Bicycle for ride — Bicycle for ride. You will bicycle with me. After ride you will be given a nice healthy meal. You can book a trade-free workout at
28km (17m)
Guillotine X compound crossbow 185lb 400fps — Guillotine X compound crossbow. 185lb 409fps. If you want to enjoy archery sport let me know. Crossbow the first from the right in the picture.
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