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REQUEST: Bones (for making stock/bone broth) — Don’t throw throw those bones away, give them to me! Totally ok if they have come in contact with your mouth, as they will be boiled. Chicken bones, turkey bones, duck bones, beef bones, pig bones, sheep bones, goat bones... basically any “meat animal” bones except fish. Can be kept in the freezer until you are ready to part with them.
5,802km (3,626m)
Television set — This is a portable old style cathode ray affair. But I hate to wastefully throw it when it works.scart on the back so ideal for hooking up to a dvd player in a small persons room maybe.
15,903km (9,939m)
REQUEST: vegetables to put in the pot — we have a community veggie soup night. Bring a vegetable. Throw it in the pot. Cook it up and eat together.
5,802km (3,626m)
BEATLES VIDEOS — A fair amount of The wondrous Beatles on VHS. I appreciate vhsome isn't a favoured format any more but once again my hoarding ways mean I hate to throw things that other folks could potentially enjoy. There's the whole Beatles anthology..let it be..magical mystery tour and the complete beatles .
5,802km (3,626m)
Epson Compatible Ink Cartridges ERT611/612/613/614 — I no longer have an Epson printer, but have a few of the cartridges left, seems mad to just throw them . They are ERT 611-614 carts. 2 black ones, 2 blue, 1 red and 1 yellow. If any one near me wants these, come pick them up or I may be able to drop them off on my travels ;-)
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