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Love HatshepsuJoshua EwenFree Live-in Helpers Available Nationwideconfirmed17:19, 02/01/2022
Cavin ClientaJames MortonLots of used assorted laptopsconfirmed13:41, 11/12/2021
Colin R. TurnerAlex Fink'Remuziq' CDconfirmed00:26, 23/11/2021
Colin R. TurnerJohn RohmanWords of Wisdomconfirmed23:01, 15/11/2021
Colin R. TurnerHaltom Family Ministries and ConsultantsIdeas for marketing and promotionconfirmed14:25, 31/10/2021
Colin R. TurnerCane KostovskiSigned copy of F-Day: The Second Dawn of Manconfirmed21:08, 12/10/2021
Lisa NewlinLaila StuitjeHuman Design Initial Readingconfirmed06:37, 12/10/2021
Colin R. TurnerLisa Vunk'Remuziq' CDconfirmed15:49, 10/10/2021
hemantha sagar. KM PranavFree artificial intelligence materialconfirmed10:57, 06/10/2021
hemantha sagar. KM PranavFree Coding materialconfirmed10:55, 06/10/2021
Colin R. TurnerLukarte Turner'Remuziq' CDconfirmed19:38, 03/10/2021
Lisa NewlinJanice DalyHuman Design Initial Readingconfirmed14:22, 24/09/2021
Lisa NewlinBen MolyneuxHuman Design Initial Readingconfirmed09:48, 24/09/2021
UNKNOWN USERBen MolyneuxPlant Based Diet Coachingconfirmed20:46, 12/09/2021
serena zubelTammy Adkinslots of used iPads/iPhones/Samsung s5confirmed21:05, 05/08/2021
Linda Madeirajana zapLife adviceconfirmed10:21, 05/08/2021
serena zubelDelilah Lyonsused 1975 Fender Guitarconfirmed14:43, 03/08/2021
Colin R. TurnerJosiah HaltomFree website by ezWeb.ieconfirmed23:52, 31/07/2021
Adriano DALPANEJosiah HaltomSoftware development for community projectconfirmed17:51, 28/07/2021
UNKNOWN USERJohn RohmanWords of Wisdomconfirmed01:51, 23/06/2021
Rev. Iris BarrattSunny AbdollahiCaregiver of Honor Awardconfirmed04:35, 21/06/2021
Adriano DALPANEMike BruntSoftware development for community projectconfirmed23:46, 20/06/2021
Bolelang RakeepileNtebo PortasResearch and setup a crowdfunding campaign.confirmed11:52, 18/06/2021
Brigid TeehanColin R. TurnerPlantsconfirmed10:19, 15/06/2021
Justin RichardsColin R. TurnerLooking for graphics softwareconfirmed10:47, 09/06/2021
Bolelang RakeepileAsithandile MautlaFacebook profile security increaseconfirmed09:14, 22/05/2021
Sunny AbdollahiJanice Dalylife adviceconfirmed15:14, 21/05/2021
John RohmanJosiah HaltomPearls of Wisdomconfirmed22:36, 14/05/2021
Jacob RobieDenise M Ward Work exchange for rent / helping handconfirmed02:09, 28/04/2021
Ibrahim HublouAdam GillilandStay on an off grid mountain retrait in central Portugalconfirmed09:02, 26/04/2021
Josiah HaltomJohn RohmanMeta-insights for revealing the meaning of life (applies to all)confirmed04:26, 18/04/2021
Josiah HaltomJohn RohmanMeta-insights for revealing the meaning of life (applies to all)confirmed04:25, 18/04/2021
Ilija PrentovskiVal BateXBox 360 Elite + Gamesconfirmed14:36, 10/04/2021
John RohmanUNKNOWN USERSpiritual Unfoldment with John Butlerconfirmed19:43, 06/04/2021
John RohmanColin R. TurnerAdvice on anythingconfirmed20:22, 23/03/2021
John RohmanRev. Iris BarrattPoetryconfirmed15:07, 23/03/2021
Peter Paul ParkerDeborah EdiFree Ki Gong classesconfirmed13:39, 11/03/2021
Raimondas Lapinskashamza aaziziDoogee s96 pro phone trade-freeconfirmed01:42, 06/03/2021
Lukarte TurnerJosé ChirinosFree New Bewell Chronograph Analogue wooden Ecowatchconfirmed14:31, 13/02/2021
Justin RichardsColin R. TurnerLinux technical supportconfirmed20:07, 22/01/2021
Raimondas LapinskasAngel ManingoHp probook 6550b laptop(Taken)confirmed01:23, 19/01/2021
Colin R. TurnerAsil PurcellSigned copies of F-Day and Into The Open Economyconfirmed18:38, 10/12/2020
Karen FischbachUNKNOWN USERPackage of Pink Celery seeds confirmed22:27, 24/11/2020
John-Thomas: House of StrattonLisa NewlinCommon law training on America confirmed11:34, 24/11/2020
Lisa NewlinUNKNOWN USERHuman Design Initial Readingconfirmed22:57, 22/11/2020
Colin R. TurnerAura AethyrNokia 3310 'Dumb' Phone (yellow)confirmed16:41, 17/11/2020
Adam Art AnandaAura AethyrStep Out - A guideline how you can step out of this system and live a fulfilling life in abundance wconfirmed21:17, 14/11/2020
Marcia EverettJacob Ledvina Help my friend moveconfirmed20:29, 14/11/2020
Klaus NeuwirthMarcia EverettPeople to Practice Non VIolent Communicationconfirmed00:10, 02/11/2020
Mark EnochColin R. Turnerbooksconfirmed16:45, 31/10/2020


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