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Colin R. TurnerJohn-Thomas: House of StrattonSigned copy of F-Day: The Second Dawn of Manconfirmed06:29, 05/10/2020
Colin R. TurnerRebecca O'DellSeeking a Compassionate Listener.confirmed12:10, 07/08/2020
Alex FinkColin R. TurnerMusicconfirmed09:17, 02/08/2020
Colin R. TurnerBONGANI VUMAAudio editing or masteringconfirmed23:18, 20/07/2020
Heiko VermeulenColin R. TurnerBread makerconfirmed02:49, 08/07/2020
Colin R. TurnerJosiah HaltomAdvice on anythingconfirmed03:57, 14/06/2020
Colin R. TurnerBONGANI VUMAAudio editing or masteringconfirmed21:32, 08/06/2020
Mark EnochColin R. Turnervoice recorderconfirmed16:18, 04/06/2020
Justin RichardsColin R. TurnerAdvice on cheap high spec PC to run Ubuntuconfirmed02:18, 02/06/2020
chris hoganColin R. TurnerAdvice on cheap high spec PC to run Ubuntuconfirmed12:18, 31/05/2020
Colin R. TurnerRaimondas LapinskasGraphic design / brandingconfirmed12:01, 29/05/2020
Raimondas LapinskasColin R. TurnerAdvice on cheap high spec PC to run Ubuntuconfirmed08:27, 29/05/2020
Colin R. TurnerSarah McIver[LISTING REMOVED]confirmed12:05, 31/03/2020
Colin R. TurnerJan-Erik LindblomVOICEOVERconfirmed00:53, 06/03/2020
Colin R. TurnerStefano Gazzola[LISTING REMOVED]confirmed07:17, 31/12/2019
Colin R. TurnerStefano Gazzola[LISTING REMOVED]confirmed07:16, 31/12/2019
Colin R. TurnerFranc Verstappen[LISTING REMOVED]confirmed11:33, 09/09/2019
Colin R. TurnerGlenn Harrold[LISTING REMOVED]confirmed01:05, 04/06/2019
Raphi SeeColin R. TurnerHolochain Adviceconfirmed11:04, 31/05/2019
Colin R. TurnerBenjamin Hummel[LISTING REMOVED]confirmed08:10, 25/04/2019
Colin R. TurnerLama GyatsoMarketing Assistance confirmed16:20, 11/04/2019
Colin R. TurnerJosiah Haltom[LISTING REMOVED]confirmed21:57, 07/04/2019
Raphi SeeColin R. TurnerMy Perspectiveconfirmed01:40, 04/04/2019
Justin RichardsColin R. TurnerComputer support and Windows to Linux installationsconfirmed04:44, 01/04/2019
Colin R. TurnerFausto Santiana[LISTING REMOVED]confirmed13:26, 25/03/2019
Colin R. TurnerDaniel Jimenez[LISTING REMOVED]confirmed20:35, 23/03/2019
Colin R. TurnerRyan Gray[LISTING REMOVED]confirmed12:44, 23/03/2019
Colin R. TurnerJohn 'JJ' Jenkins[LISTING REMOVED]confirmed15:14, 21/12/2018
Justin RichardsColin R. Turner[LISTING REMOVED]confirmed09:21, 28/09/2018
Roy GColin R. TurnerAudio softwareconfirmed11:10, 05/09/2018
Colin R. TurnerPlatano Spirit[LISTING REMOVED]confirmed00:12, 05/09/2018
Colin R. TurnerCane Kostovski[LISTING REMOVED]confirmed23:02, 27/08/2018
Colin R. TurnerLukarte Turner[LISTING REMOVED]confirmed07:52, 24/03/2018
Glenn HarroldColin R. TurnerHP Laserjet 1320 Printer in perfect working order. confirmed04:59, 11/02/2018
Justin RichardsColin R. TurnerComputer support and Windows to Linux installationsconfirmed11:00, 23/10/2017
Colin R. TurnerRaphi See[LISTING REMOVED]confirmed06:36, 12/07/2017