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Lama GyatsoJohn-Thomas: House of StrattonMeditation and Philosophical Instructionconfirmed07:43, 08/10/2020
Lama GyatsoKraig MottarMeditation and Philosophy trainingconfirmed20:13, 09/02/2020
Lama GyatsoKraig MottarBuddhist meditation and Taoist philosophy instructionconfirmed11:58, 07/02/2020
Lama GyatsoTerry Earthwind NicholsThe Tantric Meditation System of Green Taraconfirmed06:16, 16/10/2019
Lama GyatsoLaura WellensThe Tantric Meditation System of Green Taraconfirmed03:21, 14/08/2019
Lama GyatsoLUCIANA GIACOMOMeditation and Tao Te Ching classes - via webinarconfirmed17:41, 02/06/2019
Justin DerringerLama GyatsoI offer to teach Qigong, a health and spiritual practice which is similar to Taichiconfirmed14:52, 27/05/2019
Colin TurnerLama GyatsoMarketing Assistance confirmed16:20, 11/04/2019
Terry Earthwind NicholsLama GyatsoMarketing Assistance confirmed16:46, 04/04/2019
Lama GyatsoJackie DavisTao Te Ching and Meditation instructionconfirmed18:01, 23/02/2019
Lama GyatsoUNKNOWN USERTraining in Meditation and the Tao Te Chingconfirmed16:34, 04/02/2019
Lama GyatsoPamela C.Training in Meditation and the Tao Te Chingconfirmed05:30, 16/01/2019 is a trade-free site